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 The RoFR act recognizes the dwelling site, religious places, burial grounds, village council sites along with places of MFP, water resources, biodiverisity etc and also PVT tenures. As the implementation boils down to title deeds for house sites and lands under cultivation, SAKTI engaged the Chenchu youth to document their traditional knowledge in their idiom and dialect, in encouraging them to assert as inborn foresters, capable of managing these resources as envisaged in the Act.

"Since SAKTI activities are mostly issue based and covering a large area, here we concentrate on the forest-related programmes of SAKTI for the present study."


The Tribal Struggle for Property Rights

-Arun Kumar

SAKTI: Review Report by: Mukta Srivastava, Programme Officer, Oxfam GB in India - Hyderabad . DATE : 20-25 November 2002




Bhukya Bhangya

Asst. Professor of History

Nizam College,

Osmania University,


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Women and Governance in South Asia

Edited by:

Yasmin Tambiah

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Note on the documents in S.R.No. 293/93:


Ex.R1 Agreement was executed on 30.9.1968 by Nukala Govinda Rao in favour of G.Venkata Ratnam on a stamp paper worth Rs. 10/-. The document is insufficient stamped. The document does not contain the particulars of the sale deed by Dakarapu Seethamma in favour of Nuka Govinda Rao alleged to have taken place on 5.6.68. On the other hand Ex.R4. E.C.No. 1134 of 93 discloses that the document bearing No.704/68 was executed by Dakarapu Seethamma, Durgamma. Rama Rao, in favour of N.Govinda Rao on 5.6.68. The relationship of those persons (Vendors) to the pattedar Maddisetti Ramana whose name figures in Ex. R2 is not established. Further, Ex.R4 contains several other transactions on 2.9.68, 2-12-86 and 17.10.1992 in Column No.3 which were not taken note by the Special Deputy Collector in S.R.No.293/93. It is not known why Ex.R5 and R6 which are of the year 1991-92 continues to reflect the name of respondents in 1968 itself. These material facts have not been taken note by the Special Deputy Collctor while deciding S.R.No. 293 of 1993 and they were purposely ignored. As a result no appeal was filed against the said Order and the said Order has become final indirectly giving legal title to the land which the Vendee/Respondent Gade Venkata Ratnam does not possess.



S e n i o r A d v o ca t e                                                          Kochi Office:
S u p r e m e C o u r t                                                             M/s. Sukumaran & Usha
Residence: 182, Supreme Enclave                                         Advocates, Providence Road
Mayur Vihar, Phase – 1                                                          K o c h I - 6 8 2 0 1 8
New Delhi – 110 091                                                              Ph: 0484 – 392381, 395104
E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.                                              E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Date: 17.02.2001.

My Dear Ramalingeswara Rao,

I refer to your letter dated 12.01.2001 and enclosures thereto.

I have studied the papers carefully. I feel that Sakti has done yeomen service for the cause of the Tribals.

The High Court of Andhra Pradesh has taken very narrow view of the liberal scheme of the Constitution of India which has given great emphasis on the protection weakest sections in the society. The Directive Principles of State Policy also loudly proclaim that objective.

It may be necessary to demonstrate the patent illegality through production of typical order of the Special Tahsildar, by producing a copy of it along with a separate petition for prosecution of the additional document.

Whether, in a case where High Court has already exercised its discretion, the jurisdiction of the Supreme Court under the Article 136 should be invoked, is a question likely to be posed by the Court.

If, however, ground realities are noticed, the Court can, and in the present circumstances ought to, direct the State and its authorities in whom statutory powers are conferred on trust, to scrutinise the matters carefully.

The order of the High Court does not even attempt to do so. As you have correctly pointed out the attitude may be justified with reference to proceeding relating to the general litigations. There is, however, substantial difference in the cause, that is now sought to be espoused by an organisation which has established its credibility, as detailed in the Writ Petition.

The Special Leave Petition has been settled by me, for being filed in the Supreme Court.

I feel that the matter should be also placed before President of India, who is the constitutional custodian of the interests of the Tribals. That can be pursued independently of the Special Leave Petition.

I would personally like to visit one such Tribal area in the Godavari belt, whenever I could spare some time from the pressures of the professional work in the Supreme Court. Perhaps, during one of the trips to Hyderabad.

With warm regards,

Yours sincerely,



A. Ramalingeswara Rao, B.Com., LL.M.,
Advocate, 3-6-550/5, 2nd Floor, 7th Street,
Himalaya Nagar, Hyderabad – 500 029.

P.S.: I met many retired District Judges From Hyderabad in connection with hearing of Cases relating to Shetty Commission Recommendation.





W.P. No. 5515/87 M.P.No.7398/87 Date:May 1987

W.P. No. 6175/87 M.P.No.8273/87 Date:May 1987

 "Managing Director Godavari plywoods ltd. Rampachodavaram E.G.Dt. be and hereby is directed not to cut any mango trees, jamun and jack trees and cutting the forests of Maredumilli mandal, E.G.Dt."

 Only matured or dying trees were to be felled. Jeelugu (Caryota urens) palm, trees yielding minor forest produce like tamarind or cane brakes, creepers were not to be touched. A gap of 20 meters from a stream.)         --Times of India, April 30, 1991.


The candidate has chosen a topical subject, very relevant to our thinking on culture, cognition and language. He has red widely and is familiar with the literature that matters. His linguistic and anthropological reasoning is sound. His language is clear and simple.

...evidence of the investigator's ability as a linguist by special training and as a linguistic anthropologist by self - cultivated interest.

Prof. A.Munirathnam Reddy, Head, Department of Social Anthropology,S.V.University, Tirupati - 517502


Enabling the Community to Gain Command Over the Administrative Process is Empowerment.


"Today the development is manaement without governance and governanace is without proper participation."



A.P.Cabinet Sub - Committee Report on Left Wing Extrremists. - P.Sivaramakrishna.

The only information the government or media always compile carefully is on Naxalite encounters, never the violations of the instruments of rule of law such as minimum wages, fifth schedule, mismanagement of forests, equity in the distribution of welfare benefits, displacement, fragmentation of Socio-economic entities etc. 



if the R & R is found to be lagging with reference to the fixed bench marks, the construction should accordingly be deferred / stopped;



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