Chenchu killed over property dispute –The Hindu 27-7-09

Special Correspondent

Tragic end: A Chenchu tribal, who was struck by arrows, at Atmakur hospital in Kurnool district on Sunday.
Photo: U.Subramanyam

KURNOOL: The dispute over sharing of gum plants in the Nallamala forest led to murder of a Chenchu tribal in the interior Pechcheruvu hamlet in Kurnool district on Sunday. Guruvaiah (35), was struck by two arrows shot by two other Chenchus. He died while undergoing treatment in the hospital at Atmakur on Sunday. According to reports, a dispute arose among a few families over sharing the gum yielding plants which they consider as immoveable asset inherited from ancestors. As the victim was believed to have forayed into the territory of others, the neighbours identified as Linganna and Sadhu attacked him with bows and arrows in the deep forest. After struck by the arrows, the victim was believed to have made an attempt to walk a distance but collapsed after passing the information to passers-by from his hamlet. The family members brought him home around midnight but could not shift him to a hospital immediately due to lack of communication. They could secure the service of 108 ambulance only in the morning and transport him to Atmakur hospital. The doctors struggled to save his life but could not remove the arrows. He died around noon with arrows remaining in the body.