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 The RoFR act recognizes the dwelling site, religious places, burial grounds, village council sites along with places of MFP, water resources, biodiverisity etc and also PVT tenures. As the implementation boils down to title deeds for house sites and lands under cultivation, SAKTI engaged the Chenchu youth to document their traditional knowledge in their idiom and dialect, in encouraging them to assert as inborn foresters, capable of managing these resources as envisaged in the Act.

"Since SAKTI activities are mostly issue based and covering a large area, here we concentrate on the forest-related programmes of SAKTI for the present study."


The Tribal Struggle for Property Rights

-Arun Kumar

SAKTI: Review Report by: Mukta Srivastava, Programme Officer, Oxfam GB in India - Hyderabad . DATE : 20-25 November 2002




Bhukya Bhangya

Asst. Professor of History

Nizam College,

Osmania University,


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W.P. NO.3357 OF 2002


The Village Tribal Development Agency (VTDA), Billakal,
Balmur Mandal, Mahaboobnagar District,
Rep. by its President N.Krishnaiah.
                                                                        ...                     Petitioner


The District Collector,
Mahaboobnagar District,
Mahaboobnagar and another.
                                                                        ...                     Respondents


            I, K.Madhusudhana Rao, I.A.S., S/o.K.Venkateswarlu aged about 47 years, working as District Collector, Mahaboobnagar, R/o. Mahaboobnagar, do hereby solemnly and sincerely affirm and state as follows:-

  1. I am the respondent No.1 herein and as such I am well acquainted with the facts of the case.  I have read the petitioner’s affidavit filed in support of writ petition and I submit that it does not disclose any valid or substantial grounds to issue any relief as prayed for.  The petitioner is put to strict proof of those allegations which are denied, except to the extent of specifically admitted hereunder.
  2. It is respectfully submitted that the petitioner has filed the above writ petition seeking a writ of Mandamus, to declare the inaction on the part of the respondents, i.e., District Collector, Mahaboobnagar and the Superintendent of Police, Mahaboobnagar, is not taking appropriate action pursuant to the proceedings of the Commissioner of Tribal Welfare dated: 5-1-2002 as illegal and to direct the respondents to restore the rights of the local Tribal community over the Rusul Cheruvu near Billakal, Balmur Mandal, Mahaboobnagar District while denying any rights to all the non-tribals on this tank.  It is submitted that the petitioner is not entitled for the relief as sought for by it for the reasons herein after mentioned.
  3. In reply to para 5 of the Petitioner’s affidavit, it is to submit that it is true that Billakal village consists of four hamlets with Chenchu habitants.  The Habitants eke out their livelihood by way of hunting and collection of forest product.  It is incorrect to say that their livelihood depends solely on fishing, particularly for five to six months.  It is to submit that the Government is providing lot of facilities to Chenchus by assigning lands purchased through Land Purchase Scheme, etc., even though they are migrating.  The Billakal village falls under the beat of Billakal range Achampet within the reserve forest of Amrabad block which is with in the Nagarjuna Sagar Tiger Reserve Sanctuary.  Since the area is a Wild Animal Sanctuary fishing in Rusul Cheruvu is prohibited.  Therefore, neither the Tribals nor the non-tribals are allowed fishing in the said Rusul Cheruvu.
  4. In reply to para 6 of the Petitioner’s Affidavit , it is to submit that it is a fact that Project Officer, ITDA., Sundipenta accorded sanction of Rs.2,750/- as an advance to the writ petitioner towards the cost of finger lings and Rs.400/- towards transportation cost of taking up of the pisciculture. The amount was released as a loan only from S.C.A. funds to release 20,000/- finger lings in an area of 4 Hectors.  However the Divisional Forest Officer.  Wild Life Achampet had informed that the area of Rusul Cheruvu falls under Nagarjuna Sagar Tiger Reserved Sanctuary and therefore no one has got the right to catch the fish in the Rusul Cheruvu and fishing in it by anybody is an offence under the provisions of the Wild Life Protection Act, 1972.  The Project Officer, ITDA (PTG-Chenchu), Sundipenta through letter No.H/4008/2000 has informed to the Writ Petitioner that they do not have right to catch the fish in the Rasul Cheruvu and violation it by any one will be punished under Wild Life Protection Act, 1972.
  5. In reply to para 7 of the Petitioner’s Affidavit it is to submit that neither the Tribals nor the non-tribals are allowed fishing in Rusul Cheruvu since the said activity is prohibited in view of the inclusion of the are in Wild Life Sanctuary.  However the riths and privileges of the Tribals are being protected and they are allowed to enjoy their rights conferred and guaranteed by the statutes of the State and Central Government.

Further it is to submit that the Rusul Cheruvu of Billakal village and other 7 Tanks were leased out to Fishermen Co-op. Society, Kondanagula upto the year 1982 by the Fisheries Department.  But from the year 1983 onwards, the Rusul Cheruvu is not being leased out to the Fishermen Co-Op. Society of Kondanagula because it falls under the Wild Life Sanctuary. Thus from 1983 onwards, the leasing of Rusul Cheruvu has been completely stopped.  But the Fishermen Co-op. Society of Kondanagula now and then have been representing to allow them for fishing in Rusul Cheruvu of Billakal village.  But in view of the sanctuary, the Fishermen Co-op. society, Kondanagula was informed even very recently also by the assistant Director, Fisheries, Mahabubnagar vide reference No.1638/C/2001 dated 30-6-2001 that their request for leasing out Rusul Cheruvu can not be granted since the Rusul Cheruvu is with in the area of Wild Life Sanctuary. In April 2001 the non-tribals have tried for fishing in Rusul Cheruvu, but they were not allowed in view of prohibition.  Both the Tribals and non-tribals were restrained from fishing in Rusul Cheruvu.

It is submit that it is a fact that the Commissioner, Tribal Welfare, wrote D.O. letter dated 5-1-2002 to the respondent No.1 herein that Chenchu Tribals represented that they have been prevented from dropping fish seed by Fishermen Co-op. Society of Kondanagula village.  it is also a fact that commissioner has requested the respondent No.1 herein to look into the mater immediately and restore the rights to the Tribals over the said Rusul Cheruvu.  AS already submitted in the pre paras, fishing in Rusul Cheruvu is prohibited as it falls within the Wild Life Sanctuary. Therefore the request of the petitioners to allow them for fishing in Rusul Cheruvu could not be considered. However a clarification has been sought on this aspect from the Govt. and further action would be taken on receipt of the same.

  1. In reply to para 8 it is to submit that, as already submitted in the above para the non-tribals have no right, for fishing in Rusul Cheruvu.  No such representation was made on 6-2-2002 as per the record of Collectorate.  However the concerned authorities have been taking action and not allowing the non-tribals for fishing in Rusul Cheruvu.
  2. In reply to paras 10,11 and 12, it is to submit that the Divisional Forest Officer, Wild Life Management, Achampet, Deputy Superintendent of Police, Nagarkurnool and Revenue Divisional Officer, Nagarkurnool have been addressed to see that non-tribals should not enter into Rusul Cheruvu and its vicinity for rearing and picking fish and adding chemicals in Rusul Cheruvu and putting traps around the bank and killing the wild life.  It is to further submit that all measures are being taken to preserve the nature in the area and also to safeguard the rights and privileges of the Tribals which are specifically guaranteed and protected under the statues of State and Central Government.
  3. In reply to paras 13 and 14 it is to submit that the Rusul Cheruvu is within the area of Wild Life Reserve Sanctuary and therefore no permission can be given for fishing, hunting, etc, either to the tribals or non-tribals.
The concerned Authorities have already been addressed to see that non-tribals do not enter into the Rusul Cheruvu and its vicinity to fish, hunt etc., In so far as the prayer of the writ petitioner to restore the rights of local tribals over Rusul Cheruvu, it is to submit that, permission cannot be given to the writ petitioners for fishing in Rusul Cheruvu, since it is within Wild Life Sanctuary.  As already submitted at Para 5 a clarification has been sought for from the Govt. on the rights of Tribals in respect of Rusul Cheruvu which is within Wild life sanctuary area. However, action is being taken to safeguard and protect the other rights of the tribals as per the Agency Laws and other statutes.

In view the above, it is to submit that, the writ petition is devoid of any merits and weight and needs no directions as prayed for by the petitioner.  Therefore, it is prayed that the writ petition may be dismissed with costs.

Solemnly and sincerely affirmed on this 27th day of March 2002 and signed his name in my presence.




W.P. No. 5515/87 M.P.No.7398/87 Date:May 1987

W.P. No. 6175/87 M.P.No.8273/87 Date:May 1987

 "Managing Director Godavari plywoods ltd. Rampachodavaram E.G.Dt. be and hereby is directed not to cut any mango trees, jamun and jack trees and cutting the forests of Maredumilli mandal, E.G.Dt."

 Only matured or dying trees were to be felled. Jeelugu (Caryota urens) palm, trees yielding minor forest produce like tamarind or cane brakes, creepers were not to be touched. A gap of 20 meters from a stream.)         --Times of India, April 30, 1991.


The candidate has chosen a topical subject, very relevant to our thinking on culture, cognition and language. He has red widely and is familiar with the literature that matters. His linguistic and anthropological reasoning is sound. His language is clear and simple.

...evidence of the investigator's ability as a linguist by special training and as a linguistic anthropologist by self - cultivated interest.

Prof. A.Munirathnam Reddy, Head, Department of Social Anthropology,S.V.University, Tirupati - 517502


Enabling the Community to Gain Command Over the Administrative Process is Empowerment.


"Today the development is manaement without governance and governanace is without proper participation."



A.P.Cabinet Sub - Committee Report on Left Wing Extrremists. - P.Sivaramakrishna.

The only information the government or media always compile carefully is on Naxalite encounters, never the violations of the instruments of rule of law such as minimum wages, fifth schedule, mismanagement of forests, equity in the distribution of welfare benefits, displacement, fragmentation of Socio-economic entities etc. 



if the R & R is found to be lagging with reference to the fixed bench marks, the construction should accordingly be deferred / stopped;



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